• Adds new life to vinyl, rubber and leather
  • Easy to work with: Wipe on, wipe off
  • Natural gloss - not mirror-like
  • Cleans, protects and preserves in one application
  • Keeps the surface supple
  • Protects rubber and plastic liners, so white stripes are avoided



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Vinyl Ultra Gloss® penetrates the surfaces of materials such as rubber, leather and vinyl, protecting them against the sun’s harmful UV radiation which dries them out, making them hard and brittle. Vinyl Ultra Gloss® cleans, protects and regenerates natural surface shine – all in one process. Surfaces are given antistatic and water, dust and dirt repellent properties, making them easier to keep clean


Vinyl Ultra Gloss® can also be used to protect rubber mouldings and matt plastic before polishing with Ultra Gloss® Superpolish. Reapply after polishing.


Can be used on dashboards, seats, tyres, shoes, belts, kitchen unit doors, bags, sports equipment, painted surfaces etc.


Shake the canister before use. Apply, wait 1-2 minutes and dry off where necessary with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat the treatment one more time for optimal protection and then as required


Packaging sizes: 250 ml - 8.45 FL.OZ