- the best polish you can buy for money

Ultra GlossŪ Superpolish is sensational for cars, boats, motorcycles, aeroplanes, RVīs and ATVīs, varnished wood, glass, mirrors, and all high-gloss metals such as chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, silver etc. No other polish compares to Ultra GlossŪ. It forms a glass-like shield which protects the surface against washing scratches and the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Avoid getting Ultra GlossŪ on rubber and matt plastic – this can result in white stripes. Rubber and matt plastic can be protected against Ultra GlossŪ Superpolish before and after polishing by treating it with Vinyl Ultra GlossŪ Super first or protecting these surfaces with masking tape

If Ultra GlossŪ is used from the outset on new and undamaged paint, gel coat, etc., only point 2 is to be followed

  1. Apply Ultra GlossŪ on cool, clean and dry surfaces. Use a clean, dry cloth and rub hard in circular motions until the polish disappears and a shine is achieved. Dirt, small scratches and oxidised material is easily removed by rubbing hard on the surface.We recommend using a polishing machine for this application, but it can also be done by hand.
  2. Apply Ultra GlossŪ to the whole surface. Allow it to dry to a haze. Wait 10-15 minutes. Dry off with a clean, dry cloth. Apply once a year. Repolishing with a dry cloth/sponge may be necessary on dark colors.

Use  a polishing machine or polish by hand. Shake before use. Hardens to full strengh in 24 hours. Avoid water for 1 hour after polishing. Best results achieved over +4F (+4šC)