How to apply Ultra Gloss®

Restauration of a worn surface


A. Here we will show you how to take a faded surface on boats, RVs, cars and motorcycles and bring the luster back to life - with a lasting shine and protective coating. Here we used a 1995 Mazda Millenia for demonstration purposes.

Begin with a clean and 100% dry surface.


B, We recommend using a strong polishing machine like an orbital sander onto which you apply a sponge. You can also do this by hand but regardless of which product you use you will never be able to apply using an even pressure as you can with a machine. Here we use a Ridgid polisher with a 6" sponge.


C. Apply Ultra Gloss® Superpolish to the sponge and begin to buff /polish the worn surface. Keep polishing until the liquid has dissapeared and a nice bright finish appears




D. Remember to protect your rubber trim. You can use Ultra Gloss® Superpolish on any surface for a superior shine and a longer laster protection, but NOT on the rubber trim. Here we recommend  that you use either Vinyl Ultra Gloss®  or Vinyl Ultra Gloss® Super. Simply shake the bottle of Vinyl Ultra Gloss® Super and apply with a sponge manually to all rubber trim areas before applying Ultra Gloss® Superpolish


E. Continue with polishing the surface until the “liquid” paste has completely disappeared from the surface and a shiny luster is shown as seen in the picture on the left


F. Now make sure that the entire surface of nice and smooth and that all polish residues are removed


G. Now rip off a piece from a larger sponge and apply Ultra Gloss® Superpolish to the sponge (See picture “D” as well)

Here is where the application and the use of  Ultra Gloss® Superpolish varies from other polishes!



H. Apply evenly to the ENTIRE Surface and LET DRY COMPLETELY for about 15-20 minutes (or enough time until dry)


I. Now wipe off the dried polish with a clean, dry and soft rag or cloth. Wait 24 hours and.... Voila ! The best shine and strongest surface protection available

Rear Panel BEFORE application of Ultra Gloss® Superpolish Rear panel after application with Ultra Gloss® Superpolish

Maintenance of a good surface


Simply begin with step G, H and I

Back Before Application

Back side after the application following the steps as listed above

And then the final result