Here is how to properly apply Ultra Gloss® on “worn” surfaces




The following is how we recommend you to use Ultra Gloss® when applied on old and worn surfaces. If you follow these instructions, you will soon see that Ultra Gloss® is the fastest, easiest polish on the market today.


Ultra Gloss® is NOT a rubbing compound. Consequently it will not remove deep scratches in the surface, but by following these instructions you will get a fantastic shine that lasts and outperforms most other products on the market. Some surfaces, however, are so bad that Ultra Gloss® cannot restore them. See website for more detailed information.


If Ultra Gloss® cannot cut through the bad surface, we recommend using rubbing compounds or wet-grinding.


First you must wash your vehicle with soap and water, and then dry the vehicle completely. Ultra Gloss® does not work on wet surfaces – they must be 100% dry.


In order to remove oxidized paint, minor scratches etc., you need to use Ultra Gloss® as a cleaner first. Work the compound into the surface until it almost dissapears without letting it dry to a haze.  Finish one section at a time - about ½ m2. When you see the high gloss in the surface you will also see a slight haze. Wipe it clean to see if the section is perfectly done. Use of a polishing machine or similar with a sponge. It is easiest and fastest and gives you a better and more even end result.  However, it can also be done by hand, but in smaller sections at a time


If you have a good surface below the surface to be cleaned, Ultra Gloss® will be able to restore it. However, some paints and gelcoats are so bad that nothing can be done - see our FAQ section.


After you have cleaned the surface with Ultra Gloss®, you need to apply the protective layer - the sealing. All you do is:


wipe on....... let dry to a haze........ wipe off.


Apply Ultra Gloss® on the entire surface.


Wipe it on with a clean and dry sponge - it is much better than fabric and makes the product more economical. Wipe off with a clean soft rag.


Ultra Gloss® is dry after about 15 minutes. The more humidity in the air the slower it dries. You should apply Ultra Gloss® on a cool, dry surface. Avoid applying in direct sunlight.


After you have wiped off the second coat of Ultra Gloss®, it will harden by itself within 24 hours. If you wish to apply additional coats, we recommend you to wait 24 hours between the coats. This allows each layer to harden before a new is applied.


Avoid getting Ultra Gloss® on rubber and plastic – this can result in white stripes. Rubber and non-glossy plastic surfaces can be protected against Ultra Gloss® Superpolish before polishing by treating it with Vinyl UltraGlozz® Super protectant first or protecting these surfaces with masking tape