can be used for the following other things......
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Marble
  • Bathroom tiles against lime buildup
  • Silver and goods made of brass and copper
  • Seals mirrors, so fingermarks are avoided. Do not forget to "clean" the surface first and then seal it. Use Ultra Gloss® Superpolish for each application
  • On stainless steel surfaces, e.g. kitchens. Here you need a polishing machine. Follow the instructions carefully. When  the second coat of Ultra Gloss® Superpolish is wiped off, you will probably see "rainbows" on the surface. Let it be for one hour and polish it up afterwards with a dry sponge on the polishing machine. After this the surface will shine brightly. NB !! Do not use on brushed steel surfaces, as Ultra Gloss® Superpolish will stay in the grooves of the steel
  • Ceramic boiling plates - same operation as with mirrors
  • Swimming pools for easy removal of algae growth - do not apply on surfaces where you walk. Surfaces become very slick !

Be careful with the following

  • Because Ultra Gloss® Superpolish is a very effective cleaner, it may remove color from some decals - most often if they are not varnished
  • Ultra Gloss® Superpolish can make it dificult mount decals - as they often do not stick to the surface
  • Please be aware that the treated surfaces become very slick - therefore avoid Ultra Gloss® Superpolish on surfaces that because of safety reasons are not supposed to be slick and slippery